Contessa's Wine List

Red Wines

Cabernet Franc - $29.99 - Perfectly aged in Hungarian Oak. A well-balanced red, with a rich-peppery, smooth finish. Enjoy it with a deliciously prepared beef wellington. (Limited Bottling) Residual Sugar 0.2%, Alcohol 12%

Merlot - $29.99 - An estate grown, full-bodied wine with a tremendous oak finish, aged in Hungarian Oak for 18 months. Try this wine with a chocolate covered espresso bean from Vineyards Chocolate. Residual Sugar 0.3%, Alcohol 12%

Tre Tenores - $ 29.99 - A barrel select, Bordeaux style wine. A full-bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot grapes. Pairs tremendously with a succulent filet mignon. Residual Sugar 0.3%, Alcohol 12%

Rosa d’amore - $17.99 - A full, rich dry wine the perfect balance of fruit and tannins. A versatile wine which pairs well with an Italian meal, pesto, steak, or a gourmet pizza. Residual Sugar 1.0%, Alcohol 12%

Lago Rosso - $11.99 - This medium bodied semi-dry wine has a hint of sweetness and lots of berry flavor on the tongue, with a very smooth finish. Enjoy with a Lago Rosso truffle from The Chocolate Garden. Residual Sugar 2.0%, Alcohol 12%

Dolce Vita - $ 11.99 - This sweet wine, with its Concord attributes, is a favorite for those who enjoy reds without the bite of the tannins. Add your favorite fruit mix for the perfect summertime sangria. Residual Sugar 7.0%, Alcohol 12%

Fruit Wines

Blueberry - $13.99 - 100% blueberries with whole fruit fermentation create the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Enjoy it for your health as much as the flavor. For a refreshing twist add frozen blueberries. Residual Sugar 10%, Alcohol 12%

Cherry - $13.99 - Cherry pie in a bottle! A whole fruit fermentation of 100% cherries makes it a great dessert wine that pairs nicely with an apple pie from Grandpa's Cider Mill. Residual Sugar 10%, Alcohol 12%

White Wines

Pinot Grigio - $17.99 - This refreshing blend of estate grown grapes has notes of citrus and peaches, with a light finish. Wonderfully paired with seafood or poached salmon. For a fun summer drink, try Peach-Grigio; 1/3 peach nectar, 2/3 Pinot Grigio wine, and frozen peaches. Residual Sugar 0.2%, Alcohol 12%

Chardonnay Reserve - $29.99 - Each Chardonnay vintage is aged in new French Oak barrels. Pairs well with crab cakes, fettuccine alfredo, or smoked cheese. (Limited bottling) Residual Sugar 0.2%, Alcohol 12%

Divino - $13.99 - This dry wine is light, crisp, and refreshing. Pairs nicely with a Citrus Ginger truffle from The Chocolate Garden. Residual Sugar 0.7%, Alcohol 12%

Bianco Bello - $11.99 - A semi-sweet wine with floral aromas, followed by fresh fruit on the tongue with a velvety smooth finish. Pairs well with spicy Thai, Asian, or Cajun food. In the summertime to keep wine cool and refreshing try adding frozen grapes. Residual Sugar 3.0%, Alcohol 10%

Celeste - $11.99 - Our sweetest white wine offers an aroma of soft green apple, with a hint of honey. Try this heated in the winter with Aspen Mulling Spices, or enjoy paired with an array of fruit salsas from Grandpa's Cider Mill. Residual Sugar 7.0%, Alcohol 12%

Pink Wine

Prediletto Blush - $11.99 - A delicious blend of red and white grapes that create a sweet rose' with crisp, berry flavors. A perfect patio wine that pairs with fruit, cheeses, or a Strawberry Cake Ball from Vineyards Chocolate. For a refreshing twist try adding fresh strawberries, or frozen blueberries. Residual Sugar 7.0%, Alcohol 12%

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*Hours subject to change based on current regulations. Call or Facebook message to confirm.

Current Information

We are very excited to be able to open and welcome you all back for tastings and glasses of wine in the deck! At this time we are implementing the following policy changes to comply with the new regulations:

  • Our current indoor capacity is 12 people to provide the safest experience for our staff and customers. If we are at full capacity we appreciate your patience.
  • We will not be accepting reservations.
  • All guests must be 21 and older to enter the winery.
  • The patio will be open for wine by the glass, weather permitting. We request guests refrain from moving patio furniture.
  • As always you are welcome to bring a picnic or take out from another establishment to enjoy on the patio. When bringing in outside food please be sure to take your trash with you.

Thank you for your understanding of these temporary changes. We will be evaluating these policies as we go along and will keep this page updated with changes as needed. Please feel free to call the winery with questions during our normal business hours between noon and 5 daily.