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White Wine

Pinot Grigio - $17.99 - This refreshing blend of estate-grown grapes has notes of citrus and peaches, with a light finish. 

Chardonnay Reserve - $29.99 - Each Chardonnay vintage is aged in new French Oak barrels. Pairs well with crab cakes, fettuccine alfredo, or smoked cheese. (Limited bottling) 

Divino - $13.99 - This dry wine is light, crisp, and refreshing. 

Bianco Bello - $11.99 - A semi-sweet wine with floral aromas, followed by fresh fruit on the tongue with a velvety smooth finish. 

Celeste - $11.99 - Our sweetest white wine offers an aroma of soft green apple, with a hint of honey. Try this heated in the winter with Aspen Mulling Spices. 

Wine Bottles
Wine Bottles

NEW  Dry Rose' $14.99 Our dry rose' is a perfect wine for a hot summer day.  The cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon grapes remind you of a red yet is light and full of flavor. 

Prediletto Blush - $11.99 - A delicious blend of red and white grapes that create a sweet rose' with crisp, berry flavors. 

Pink Wine

Making Wine

Red Wine

Cabernet Franc - $29.99 - Perfectly aged in Hungarian Oak. A well-balanced red, with a rich-peppery, smooth finish. 

Merlot - $29.99 - An estate-grown, full-bodied wine with a tremendous oak finish, aged in Hungarian Oak for 18 months.  

Tre Tenores - $ 29.99 - A barrel select, Bordeaux-style wine. A full-bodied blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot grapes. 

Rosa d’amore - $17.99 - A full, rich dry wine with the perfect balance of fruit and tannins. 

Lago Rosso - $11.99 - This medium-bodied semi-dry wine has a hint of sweetness and lots of berry flavor on the tongue, with a very smooth finish. 

Dolce Vita - $ 11.99 - This sweet wine, with its Concord attributes, is a favorite for those who enjoy reds without the bite of the tannins. 


Blueberry - $13.99 - 100% blueberries with whole fruit fermentation create the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Enjoy it for your health as much as the flavor. 

Cherry - $13.99 - Cherry pie in a bottle! A whole fruit fermentation of 100% cherries makes it a great dessert wine

Fruit Wine

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